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Empower Series: Rana Ngheimesh

After graduating from IRI’s Empower program last year, Ms. Rana Ngheimesh has redoubled her commitment to being a positive force for change in her hometown of Dleil, Jordan.

For example, she is the Director of Dar Al-‘Ata’a Association for Social Development where she manages local aid projects and promotes social justice. She is also currently working with other likeminded activists to form a new political party in Jordan, with the eventual aim of running for a seat on her city’s municipal council.

Ms. Ngheimesh confesses that the road ahead will not be an easy one. She notes that her community traditionally casts votes based on tribal affiliation not on who will serve constituents best. However, Ms. Ngheimesh is determined to leverage the skills and relationships she built during the Empower program to beat the odds and prove herself as a role model for other young women in Jordan interested in becoming civic and political leaders.

Ms. Rana Ngheimesh sharing her experience with new Empower members


Posted by

Andy Yates

Resident Program Officer, Jordan