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Empower Series: Fakhriyeh Al Zeinat

A member of IRI’s inaugural class of the Empower program in 2014, Ms. Fakhriyeh Al Zeinat has struggled as the sole breadwinner for her five children, ages 12-21, following her husband’s death 12 years ago.

When she first began attending Empower workshops, Ms. Al Zeinat was shy and reluctant to engage with IRI staff and other members of the program. However, after participating in workshops on communication and negotiation skills, and meeting with many local officials and community leaders, she became noticeably more confident in her interpersonal interactions. This newfound self-assurance has since contributed to her decision to open a small store in her community of Northern Shouna, Jordan this past June. Before opening the store, she had relied solely on social welfare benefits from the government, but Ms. Al Zeinat reports that her new venture is thriving and that she is spending her additional income on her children’s educations.

Posted by

Andy Yates

Resident Program Officer, Jordan