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CEPPS Partners at Work Together in Georgia

In Georgia the CEPPS partners sometimes joke our first cooperation started with Thanksgiving festivities in 2009, but in looking back we really have more impressive collaboration. 

Our first joint effort was with NDI in 2010 ahead of local elections.  At that time IRI was working to with parties to train party/candidate observers and NDI was working with local NGOs on the same.  We decided to then jointly publish an election manual that would benefit both our partners.  In 2012 we took this a step further jointly conducting Training of Trainers (ToT) for political parties for the parliamentary elections. We worked together to create the curriculum, scheduling, and the massive amount of logistics involved and IRI took the lead on M&E.  IRI and NDI staffers worked side by side to train over 500 people from six different election subjects.  In addition a joint observer manual was created and distributed to over 60,000 party/candidate observers.

The IRI and IFES joint workshops for party lawyers on dispute resolution also started in 2012 and has continued in 2013 and 2014.  Again staffers worked together in planning and conducting the workshops and over 300 party have lawyers benefited. 

There are the practical sides of why cooperation makes sense, but in Georgia it goes beyond that.  In a world where things seem to get more and more polarized it’s important to show political parties how cooperation can benefit many. 



Posted by

Andrea Keerbs

Resident Country Director, Georgia