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February 2018

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February 27, 2018
In a world that loves the transparency and instant gratification of social media, political participation, which is slow in nature and oftentimes corrupt, does not appeal to many young people. In Thailand, this is compounded by the fact that politics is tightly controlled by a patronage system... Read More
February 26, 2018
A raíz del sismo que impacto a México el 19 de septiembre del 2017, los jóvenes fueron reconocidos como actores de cambio. Con una gran iniciativa para reconstruir el país y nuestra sociedad, la famosa frase, Los jóvenes han... Read More
February 23, 2018
The International Republican Institute (IRI) served as an expert judge for the significant municipal awards in Mexico recently. Along with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the International Association of City Managers and... Read More
February 22, 2018
On September 20, 2017, nearly 200,000 Guatemalan citizens protested throughout the country in response to legislators voting to grant President Jimmy Morales immunity from a probe into suspected illicit campaign funding. Only a few months later, President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski of Peru was... Read More
February 20, 2018
More than half of eligible voters in Nigeria are under the age of 35, yet less than five percent of youth in the country are elected members of government. Young Nigerians continue to turn out in large numbers to vote during key elections, yet remain disenfranchised from decision-making processes,... Read More
February 15, 2018
2018 is a banner year for Mexican voters. On July 1, more than 3,400 positions for federal, state and local offices will be contested. Elections include the national presidency, governors in nine states (Chiapas, Guanajuato, Jalisco, Morelos, Puebla, Tabasco, Veracruz, Yucatan, and Mexico... Read More
February 15, 2018
Seven years after ousting former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, Tunisia is once again at a critical juncture. The government has made progress stabilizing the economy and addressing corruption but have fallen short on their outcomes. Tunisia has been successful in making a meaningful... Read More
February 13, 2018
Ilze Vinkele is a former member of Parliament from Latvia, where she also served as the Minister of Welfare. Vinkele has implemented several significant public sector reforms, such as raising the retirement age, reforming mental-health institutions and defending the rights of LGBT individuals. In... Read More
February 12, 2018
El presidente de Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, necesitaba hacer borrón y cuenta nueva en su gobierno. Tras ganar una ajustadísima elección presidencial con el 51.16% de los votos, Moreno requería legitimar su administración luego de romper con la legacía de su predecesor y purgar a figuras... Read More
February 09, 2018
Argentine President Mauricio Macri won a crucial mid-term election in October 2017, but he has a difficult task ahead of him. His center-right coalition, Let’s Change (Cambiemos), seeks to alter the history of Argentina and restore its economy. Next month, President Macri will formally open... Read More