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December 2015

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December 31, 2015
Sometimes it hard to picture the work we do. Depicting democracy and freedom though photos and simple words can be difficult. We get lost in the world of long term projects, hours of trainings and forget to see the small victories. Today we take time to look back at the victories we have seen in... Read More
December 28, 2015
International attention to Russia has been primarily focused upon President Putin’s annexation and invasion of Eastern Ukraine over the past 18 months, and more recently on his military moves in Syria. Notwithstanding Russia’s international ambitions, it would be a mistake not to peruse more... Read More
December 24, 2015
That Venezuela's opposition would make advances during the December 6 National Assembly elections should have been no surprise.  Public opinion surveys from as far back as September 2014 showed a 20- to 30-point spread in popularity between the opposition and the ruling United Socialist Party... Read More
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Stephen Johnson

Division Director, Latin American and the Caribbean
December 21, 2015
At IRI we believe that the principles of evaluative thinking reflect the democratic values of transparency, accountability and responsiveness. That is part of the reason we take the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of our work so seriously. One example of our efforts to prioritize meaningful M... Read More
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Natalie Trisilla

Senior Manager, Office of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
December 21, 2015
Among those of us who work on the Russia program at IRI, we often explain to people not familiar with our line of work but also within the Institute, that we are working hard to promote democratic ideals and support a more pluralistic society in a country with 11 time zones and a nuclear arsenal.... Read More
December 21, 2015
The Spanish general elections took place on Sunday, December 20, renewing both chambers of the Spanish Cortes:  the Senate (elected on a regional basis in a mixed direct/indirect system) and the Congress of Deputies (elected on a constituency-list basis in a direct universal suffrage system).... Read More
December 21, 2015
On December 13, exactly one month after the Paris terrorist attacks, the second and decisive round of the French regional elections took place in 12 mainland regions, Corsica and French overseas territories.  The election was proportional, and only lists that had attained 10 percent in the... Read More
December 21, 2015
German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel left the party congress of her Christian-Democratic Union (CDU) last week firmly in control of her message, her party, and her country.  When it was all done, the Süddeutsche Zeitung, writing from the Bavarian front lines of the refugee crisis, made it... Read More
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Jan Surotchak

Senior Director, Transatlantic Strategy
December 13, 2015
El Instituto Republicano Internacional (IRI) y el Consorcio CEPPS, con el apoyo de la Agencia de los Estados Unidos Para el Desarrollo (USAID), implementaron el programa “Menos Violencia, Mas Inclusión” con el fin de prevenir la violencia electoral en Guatemala, promoviendo la participación... Read More
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Yadira Paiz

Asistente de Programas, Oficina Centro América
December 11, 2015
At that time, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens were braving freezing temperatures in order to demonstrate against a corrupt government that had refused to sign an Association Agreement with the European Union. The people were in the square to peacefully support a new government that... Read More