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September 2015

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September 30, 2015
On September 30, IRI’s Burma field office conducted its 100th political party workshop under its USAID funded Elections and Political Processes Assistance project.  Since July 2013, IRI has conducted workshops across the country, reaching over 8,000 party activists from 83 political parties.... Read More
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Steve Cima

Resident Country Director, Burma
September 28, 2015
A few weeks ago, I was on a flight from New York to St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.  I was going on vacation.  We were about two hours into the flight, and I’d already endured several comments from my friends about my selections on the in-flight entertainment system.  While... Read More
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Elizabeth Lewis

Deputy Director, Africa Division
September 28, 2015
As a newcomer to IRI’s Tanzania program I have a lot to learn about this East African nation entering its fifth round of multiparty elections this October.  I’ve known that IRI will be working with members of the media to increase electoral transparency and encourage peaceful participation in... Read More
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Anne Govern

Program Assistant, Africa Division
September 25, 2015
No country, including ours, is free of corruption, and scandals have recently been roiling governments throughout the hemisphere. From Guatemala’s president and vice president implicated in a customs fraud scheme, to Brazil’s Mensalao kickbacks from the state oil company to Mexico, Peru, and beyond... Read More
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Casey Cagley

Assistant Program Officer, Latin America and the Caribbean Division
September 23, 2015
I’ll start out by saying I’m a football fan, through and through. When I say that, I mean American football, a derivative from rugby that actually gets its name because the game focuses so heavily on measurements and getting inches, feet, yards that the ball is a measurement in itself – a football... Read More
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Dylan Diggs

Assistant Evaluation Officer, Middle East North Africa Division
September 23, 2015
The final leg of our journey took our delegation of mayors, municipal councilors and civil society members to Cartagena, where IRI worked from 2009-2012 to improve municipal government service delivery and to strengthen civil society’s ability to hold local government accountable.   It was... Read More
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Carrie Schenkel Reasonover

Senior Program Manager, Europe
September 22, 2015
As Burma prepares for its upcoming national elections in November, over the past three years IRI has been supporting key stakeholders to allow them to engage, interact and participate in a more effective and responsive way to the electoral process. This work has involved work all across the... Read More
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Matthew Baker

Senior Applied Learning Specialist
September 21, 2015
Fifty four years ago today, the US Congress provided funding to establish the Peace Corps.  Since its beginning, more than 220,000 Americans have served in the Peace Corps, and IRI counts several Peace Corps alumni among staff in its Washington headquarters as well as the field. ... Read More
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Tom Garrett

Vice President for Programs
September 21, 2015
I am taking part in something much greater than myself.  I recognize that I am not unique in this aspect, but I am fortunate enough to spend my days advancing political equality for youth around the world.   As a “young person” (at least by some international standards – see my... Read More
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Carter Jones

Program Manager, Generation Democracy
September 20, 2015
As the Libyan civil war drags on into its second year the prospects for peace are fleeting. Both sides continue to meet in an attempt to reach a meaningful accord, but the process has been difficult and increasingly there are signs that the two competing coalitions (Operation Dawn and Operation... Read More
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David Denehy

Resident Country Director, Middle East North Africa