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May 2015

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May 29, 2015
May 27 marked the 25th anniversary of the 1990 elections in Burma. After deadly crackdowns on pro-democracy demonstrations in 1988, the 1990 elections represented for many voters a genuine opportunity to elect a government that represented the desires and aspirations of the people. However,... Read More
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Rhonda Mays

Program Officer, Asia Division
May 28, 2015
As I arrived in Bamako, I was caught off guard by the heat and the warmth of the people around me. I remembered that Mali is home to many different cultures, languages and traditions. I could hear the sound of blues-like music, I could picture relics of the old city of Timbuktu, and I could taste... Read More
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Roger Mitchell

Program Manager, Latin America & the Caribbean
May 21, 2015
Two weeks ago, following the British parliamentary elections, the Conservative Party swept the House of Commons with a clear majority, ending the latest term of hung parliament and subsequent ruling coalition of Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.  What is perhaps most remarkable about... Read More
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Simon Jerome

Assistant Program Officer, Eurasia Division
May 21, 2015
Being a politician affiliated with an opposition party in Venezuela can be dangerous these days, inviting government harassment, intimidation, and threats of jail. Identifying oneself as an opposition party member by voting in its primary can be almost as daunting, but remarkably some 600,000... Read More
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Juan Carlos Monje

Program Officer, Latin America and the Caribbean Division
May 20, 2015
When Burundi’s army assassinated the country’s first democratically elected president in 1993, a brutal 12-year civil war followed resulting in the death of more than 300,000 people.   This assassination was but one of many army-led coups in Burundi’s history, including last Wednesday when... Read More
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John G. Tomaszewski

May 20, 2015
“This is the first time I have received a recognition certificate of anything in my whole life. Thank you.” Powerful words echoed by a 63-year-old Guyanese election observer as he received a certificate of appreciation from IRI and its local election monitoring partner, the Electoral Assistance... Read More
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Stacie Brown

Assistant Program Officer, Latin America and Caribbean Division
May 14, 2015
Imagine trying to run a marathon after being stabbed in the leg. It sounds barbaric, but that was precisely the message that came out of the meetings IRI held in Washington, D.C. last month with a high-profile delegation of Ukrainian parliamentarians. With critical reforms at the finish line,... Read More
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Katie LaRoque

Program Manager, Ukraine
May 12, 2015
Every April Indonesia celebrates the life and work of Raden Ayu Kartini, known across Indonesia simply as Kartini.  Born in 1879, Kartini was a Javanese aristocrat who defied strict social norms that denied women access to education.  Kartini became a light for women who wanted to get... Read More
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Hasna Wihdatun Nikmah

Program Assistant, Indonesia
May 11, 2015
As Burma approaches its landmark elections later this year, IRI has continued to support civil society through convening a consortium of domestic civil society organizations in a Civic Education Network. This consortium provides information to ordinary people on the importance of and processes... Read More
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Matthew Baker

Senior Applied Learning Specialist
May 11, 2015
A British political consultant told me many years ago that it works like this:  real innovation in campaigning is born in the United States (mostly because of the immense amounts of money we throw at it), is adapted and applied in Great Britain and is then Europeanized for use on the continent... Read More
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Jan Surotchak

Senior Director, Transatlantic Strategy