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April 30, 2015
Growing up in France, getting to the 8th of May was always easy.  Apart from the extended holiday that it provided to my compatriots, the explanation as to what we were celebrating was quite simple: although France was not among the victors (despite De Gaulle’s claims), Victory-in-Europe (VE... Read More
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Thibault Muzergues

Resident Program Director, Europe Division
April 30, 2015
El 25 de Abril de 1990, luego de diez años de revolución sandinista y una guerra civil que había cobrado demasiadas vidas de nicaragüenses, negado esperanzas para una democracia, la economía en Nicaragua estaba colapsada, el sistema productivo era casi inexistente, el futuro del país era incierto... Read More
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Gabriela Serrano

Regional Program Director, Bogotá, Colombia
April 30, 2015
When presenting feedback to municipal decision makers on the quality of services they provide to citizens, it can be difficult to gauge how mayors, municipal councilors, and city staff will react. Will they sincerely accept the results as a whole and use them as a mechanism for improvement, or... Read More
April 28, 2015
Two important events for Pakistan’s democracy occurred in the past week: a competitive by-election in Karachi and the holding of local cantonment board elections after a 17-year hiatus. Although these events were largely absent from the international media, they represent important democratic... Read More
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Abigail Casey

Program Assistant, Middle East North Africa Divison
April 27, 2015
On April 28, some voters in the District of Columbia will return to the polls to elect Council Members in Wards 4 and 8, two of the city’s eight local subdivisions.  I use the word “some” because very few residents of the District, if my informal survey is representative, even know that the... Read More
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Simon Jerome

Assistant Program Officer, Eurasia Division
April 23, 2015
Today @IRIGlobal hit 10k followers on Twitter! Thank you for following our journey where we encourage democracy in places where it is absent, help democracy become more effective where it is in danger, and share best practices where... Read More
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Morgan Martinez

Deputy Director, External Affairs
April 17, 2015
April 10 and 11, leaders from 35 countries in North and South America as well as the Caribbean—including, for the first time, Cuba—met in Panama City, Panama for the seventh Summit of the Americas. The summit process, initiated during the Clinton administration in 1994 has provided a platform for... Read More
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Casey Cagley

Assistant Program Officer, Latin America and the Caribbean Division
April 16, 2015
About an hour from the storied city of Marrakech in rolling green hills that extend to the base of the snow covered Atlas Mountains lies the picturesque town of Tahanaoute (TA-HA-NOOT).  Traditionally known for its red clay buildings and orange groves, the town has grown accustomed to wayward... Read More
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Scott Mastic

Regional Director, Middle East and North Africa Division
April 15, 2015
Script-writing, casting, graphic design and…voter education?  The unlikely combination debuts in the latest instalment of IRI’s Arabic-language online educational platform IRI Academy in the form of a new animated video highlighting innovative methods of election and candidate performance... Read More
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Brian Braun

Program Assistant, Middle East and North Africa Division
April 13, 2015
The USAID-created initiative #LetGirlsLearn is more than just a popular hashtag raising awareness around the world about women’s inequality in education, but rather a call-to-action for governments, civil society organizations and civic leaders to... Read More
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Teddy Wilhite

Governance Specialist