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November 23, 2020
As the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) intensifies its assault on political freedoms in territories such as Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang, China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (IMAR) finds itself as Beijing’s newest target. With the imposition of new classroom language policies meant to replace... Read More
July 02, 2020
Just over a year ago, Hong Kongers took to the streets to hold Beijing to its commitments under the "one country, two systems" principle, uniting around five core demands for political freedom and accountability. After months of violent repression of these popular peaceful protests, this week the... Read More
June 12, 2020
This week, Hong Kongers marked the one-year anniversary of their pro-democracy movement by taking to the streets once again in protest of China’s latest and most aggressive assault on the island’s autonomy. In this blog, the International Republican Institute (IRI)’s Christopher Olsen reflects on... Read More
March 20, 2019
Angola is Africa’s top oil producer and one of the fastest growing petro-economies in the world. Despite robust economic growth, it’s GINI Coefficient of 58.6 – a standard indicator of inequality within a society – suggests that gross economic disparities remain. Since the end of a twenty-seven-... Read More
May 14, 2018
As Vladimir Putin enters his fourth term in office, the human rights situation in Russia continues to deteriorate. We have seen persecution of non-Russian Orthodox religious groups, detainment of protesters, the beating and killing of opponents, and more ‘low intensity’ administrative punishments... Read More