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November 10, 2021
On November 14, Argentinians will head to the ballot box in eight provinces to elect half of the Chamber of Deputies and one-third of the Senate. In a preview to these midterm elections, Argentina... Read More
April 12, 2021
Sin contar con la insfraestructura necesaria para cumplir las pautas de salud pública y proporcionar los servicios necesarios, los gobiernos no pueden satisfacer las necesidades de los ciudadanos. Siguiendo los ejemplos de los países que poseen unas competencias digitales firmes, incluyendo Estonia... Read More
April 12, 2021
Without the infrastructure to comply with public health guidelines and provide needed services, governments fail to meet the needs of citizens. By following the example of countries with strong digital capabilities, including Estonia, the International Republican Institute (IRI) has ramped up its... Read More
April 09, 2021
On April 11, Ecuadorians will take to the polls for the second round of presidential elections that – like so many others over the past year – face a unique set of pandemic-related challenges. In this blog, Nueva Democracia (New Democracy) Director Jaime Mendoza highlights the commitment of young... Read More
April 07, 2021
On World Health Day, the International Republican Institute (IRI) is shining a light on its partners across Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) who have been key to managing COVID-19’s fallout. Since the pandemic’s onset, IRI’s support of local, national and civic stakeholders throughout the... Read More
April 06, 2021
Following months of political crisis and scandals, Peruvians will elect a new President, two Vice-Presidents, 130 members of Congress and five representatives to the regional Andean Parliament on April 11. On November 10, Peru’s Congress voted to impeach President Martín Vizcarra on charges of... Read More
March 04, 2021
March 8 marks International Women’s Day, and in celebration, the International Republican Institute (IRI) is highlighting our work across the globe to elevate the role of women in politics and civil society. In this blog, we discuss the unique challenges women face in Panama, and how they are... Read More
March 03, 2021
After failed general elections in October 2019, Bolivia is at last reaching the end of a long-winded electoral process. Rescheduled to October 2020, Bolivia’s general elections are now behind the country, and voters will... Read More
February 24, 2021
On February 28, Salvadorans will take to the polls to choose the officials responsible for making key decisions about the future of El Salvador's democracy, such as overseeing the election of the country's Supreme Court magistrates. Recognizing the importance of building a... Read More
February 23, 2021
The House Democracy Partnership (HDP) is a bipartisan commission of the U.S. House of Representatives that works directly with 21 partner parliaments around the world to support the development of effective, independent and responsive legislatures. HDP is... Read More