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July 28, 2017
In his historic speech in front of the British Parliament on June 8th, 1982, President Reagan set America on a course of assisting people around the world who want freedom and democracy. This year we are celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Westminster Speech with thirty-five pictures that show... Read More
June 21, 2017
In our sixth episode of "Global", we are talking with the Chairman of the American Academy in Berlin Gahl Burt, and IRI Regional Director for Europe Jan Surotchak. Here's our behind-the-scenes blog with related media and some fast facts. Q:... Read More
June 10, 2016
As we remember President Ronald Reagan’s Westminster Speech on its 34th anniversary, IRI took a moment to honor the address to which we credit our establishment. We were privileged to hear John Sullivan, the retired executive director of Center for International... Read More
June 08, 2016
June 8 marks the 34th anniversary of President Ronald Reagan's historic address to the British Parliament. While many remember his speech for his bold declaration that "Marxism-Leninism" would be left "on the ash heap of history," tragically, it seems that modern audiences have forgotten what... Read More