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July 09, 2020
With nearly 80 percent voter turnout, Turkey’s citizens are clearly committed to participating in the electoral process. However, these same citizens often have little, if any, access to their government— a reality that’s emblematic of a much wider problem in Turkey. Without the proper... Read More
December 08, 2017
“We have trade and energy ties with Iran. We did not breach the sanctions [on Iran]. Whatever the verdict is, we did the right thing. We have never made commitments to the U.S. [on our energy ties with Iran],” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reportedly told ruling Justice and Development... Read More
November 20, 2017
It is part of human nature to suppress and ignore various uncomfortable indicators. The belief that life as we know it, will continue more or less in the same direction even with clear signs showing the opposite, is very hard to counter with rational thoughts and acts until the change becomes too... Read More
January 03, 2017
It is somehow customary for humans to believe that calendars can influence the beginning and the end of their troubles.  In many locations around the globe, December 31, 2016 was viewed as a hopeful end to what was certainly a tough year.  Political tsunamis, increasing terror threats... Read More
May 23, 2016
Responding to his Euro-sceptic opponents in the UK referendum debate, British Prime Minister David Cameron said Sunday that Turkey wouldn’t join the European Union “until the year 3000” at the current rate of progress.  Although a bit of rhetorical hyperbole aimed at countering claims by his... Read More
April 28, 2016
Turkish politics reveals a number of features of a dominant-party system.  For the last 14 years, the ruling AK Party has come out of all general elections as a winner and ran only single-party governments since 2002. The opposition has been weak and divided along ethnic and social identity... Read More
December 09, 2015
I have been wanting to visit Turkey for a little while now. You hear so much about the architecture, the vivid history of the Ottoman Empire, the meeting point of East and West and I have yet to turn down a good kebab and shawarma platter.  So, when the Office of Monitoring and Evaluation (... Read More
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Suzane Muhereza

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Uganda