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September 19, 2018
Since Argentina’s return to democracy in 1983, the National Congress has struggled to escape the country’s long shadow of hyper-presidentialism. With the launch of the Argentine Congressional Budget Office, the future looks bright. At the end of 2016, Argentina’s Chamber of Deputies approved... Read More
May 29, 2018
"Access to information is a human right but, more importantly, it is a tool to realize other rights." -- National Deputy Karina Banfi About a year ago, I wrote about Argentina’s moment of opportunity to lay the groundwork for long... Read More
February 09, 2018
Argentine President Mauricio Macri won a crucial mid-term election in October 2017, but he has a difficult task ahead of him. His center-right coalition, Let’s Change (Cambiemos), seeks to alter the history of Argentina and restore its economy. Next month, President Macri will formally open... Read More
February 09, 2017
In recent years, Argentina’s economy has been challenged by high inflation and unemployment, defaulted bond payments, and almost no growth. Corruption has been a challenge, with Transparency International... Read More
February 17, 2016
Unos vientos frescos parecieran soplar en la capital argentina de Buenos Aires, trayendo con ellos un cambio bienvenido.   Estuve ahí la primera semana de febrero con un grupo de funcionarios municipales de Centroamérica que participaba en un intercambio de experiencias con programas... Read More
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Stephen Johnson

Division Director, Latin American and the Caribbean
February 16, 2016
Fresh winds seem to be blowing in Argentina’s capital of Buenos Aires, bringing some welcome change.  I was there the week of February 1 with a group of Central American municipal officials on an exchange to learn about Argentina’s citizen security programs.  Not only are there signs of... Read More
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Stephen Johnson

Division Director, Latin American and the Caribbean
November 23, 2015
Este 22 de noviembre estuve en la Argentina donde se celebró por primera vez una segunda vuelta o balotaje presidencial entre los dos candidatos más votados en las elecciones del 25 de octubre.  Después de 12 años de gobiernos de Nestor y Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, los argentinos... Read More
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Patricio Gajardo

Director Residente