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November 30, 2015
“Do you think we Muslims are all terrorists?” As an IRI trainer, I occasionally happen to travel beyond Europe to help my colleagues in other regions, and because of the relative proximity of my region to the Middle East as well as North and Sub-Saharan Africa, these trainings are often held in... Read More
Posted by

Thibault Muzergues

Resident Program Director, Europe Division
November 24, 2015
In the week and a half since the atrocity in Paris, the West has united behind calls to redouble the war against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) wherever the terror network may be found.  French President Hollande has declared the attacks an "act of war" and promised a pitiless... Read More
November 15, 2015
The attacks in Paris on Friday were designed by their perpetrators to accomplish a number of goals, some tactical and some more strategic.  Tactically, of course, they achieved the most basic objective:  to kill randomly as many innocent people as they could, people simply having dinner... Read More
Posted by

Jan Surotchak

Senior Director, Transatlantic Strategy