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August 08, 2016
Imagine a country where youth leaders are often beyond the “youth age range” and youth-focused policies are discussed without inclusion and input from youth? Welcome to Nigeria. Nigeria is a country where youth make up a majority of the population but are often sidelined by political elite and... Read More
October 28, 2015
Despite making up over two-thirds of the population of Cambodia, youth remain marginalized by numerous political, societal and economic challenges.  One of the primary challenges that confronts youth in Cambodia is that despite their numerical size, politicians over the age of 30 still... Read More
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Teddy Wilhite

Governance Specialist
August 31, 2015
The Freedom Award is the International Republican Institute’s highest honor, and it singles out those leaders who are making the greatest contributions to democracy and human liberty.  For example, we’ve honored U.S. presidents like Ronald Reagan and George H... Read More
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Mark Green