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August 21, 2018
In a normally contentious pre-election period, when the focus of Members of Parliament (MPs) typically shifts from efforts at passing legislation to getting reelected, a group of MPs in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are proving that collaboration and progress are still possible. In February, the... Read More
August 07, 2018
Due to its multicultural, multiethnic composition and complex political system, a stable BiH is imperative for security within the fragile Western Balkans. BiH's security is threatened by the collision of influence and interests of several global actors. Thus, in addition to benefitting BiH’s... Read More
December 13, 2015
El Instituto Republicano Internacional (IRI) y el Consorcio CEPPS, con el apoyo de la Agencia de los Estados Unidos Para el Desarrollo (USAID), implementaron el programa “Menos Violencia, Mas Inclusión” con el fin de prevenir la violencia electoral en Guatemala, promoviendo la participación... Read More
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Yadira Paiz

Asistente de Programas, Oficina Centro América
October 22, 2015
During a recent trip to Tanzania to visit one of IRI's newest offices in Africa, I was immediately struck by the buzz of activity upon arrival.  A good measure of that activity was due to the nature of the new office – a jointly shared office between three partners of the... Read More
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Gretchen Birkle

Director, Generation Democracy
October 21, 2015
In different countries they have different names, but they all share a vital role in the integrity of an election, regardless of where it is.  Call them what you will - party agents, polling station agents, poll watchers or election inspectors – these are the people that parties and... Read More
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Josh Hills

Resident Director of Political Party Development, Burma
August 12, 2015
Less than a month remains before Guatemala’s September 6 general elections with a wave of regular protests on the heels of multiple high level corruption investigations.  Against this backdrop, the IRI Central America team is implementing trainings for journalists and grassroots groups across... Read More
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Sara Danish

Program Officer, Latin America and the Caribbean Division
July 24, 2015
In Georgia the CEPPS partners sometimes joke our first cooperation started with Thanksgiving festivities in 2009, but in looking back we really have more impressive collaboration.  Our first joint effort was with NDI in 2010 ahead of local elections.  At that time IRI was working to with... Read More
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Andrea Keerbs

Resident Country Director, Georgia