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March 02, 2021
At the International Republican Institute (IRI), we are proud of the democratic advancements made through our programs, partnerships and networks around the world. None of these accomplishments would be possible, however, without our remarkable staff on the ground, many of whom are women. To... Read More
March 19, 2019
In recent weeks Ugandan media has reported several... Read More
August 29, 2017
Uganda is increasingly closing the space for civil society and has historically marginalized youth from political participation. Its current president has been in power for over 30 years and is currently attempting to amend the constitution so he can run again in the next election. Within this... Read More
December 08, 2016
This past summer, in partnership with Open Space, Feed the Future, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), and the Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Youth Affairs (UPFYA), IRI hosted the sixth Annual Youth Festival in Kampala. Six years ago, IRI and Green Light Movement, an IRI-supported initiative, developed... Read More
December 03, 2016
Our political party, civil society and governance initiatives are designed to give a voice to and serve the needs of the ordinary citizen. Yet in many places where we work, traditionally marginalized groups like persons with disabilities remain unrepresented in and sidelined from democratic... Read More
October 11, 2016
In order to understand the major impact that Women’s Democracy Network member Kansiime is having with girls in Uganda, we must first realize what young girls have to overcome in that country. To put it in simple terms, in Uganda men expect women to be docile and... Read More
September 06, 2016
Uganda, where 78 percent of the population is younger than 35, is one of the youngest nations in the world. Despite their large proportion of the population, Uganda’s youth participation is through legal framework restricted within the spheres of the National Youth Council and local government... Read More
May 25, 2016
If you want to know what’s happening, sometimes the best thing to do is ask someone on the street.  From late night TV to local news interviews, unscripted question-and-answers with passers-by usually makes for compelling viewing.  Uganda is no different.  IRI recently partnered... Read More
March 23, 2016
With a constitution that provides for gender equality and prohibits discrimination against women, parity still evades Ugandan women in politics. Uganda has a constitutional quota, which provides for affirmative action for women. In line with the quota system, women comprise thirty-five percent of... Read More
February 18, 2016
I served as a party poll agent for my political party for the first time in 2006, during mid-term elections here in the United States. I was given the assignment the day before Election Day, was told to sign a form registering me as an official party poll agent, and told to show up at my assigned... Read More