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January 30, 2019
Iraq is one of the few places in the world where my Muslim friend can ask a Christian nun how to find an ancient Jewish synagogue currently being rehabilitated in Alqosh, a city in the Ninewa Plains. This actually happened. The mosaic of Iraqi culture is beautiful, ancient and in danger.... Read More
January 03, 2019
Throughout Iraq, as in many countries, infrequent and ineffective communication between citizens and government creates a gap which contributes to a lack of trust, little understanding of government priorities and the perception that government officials are not interested in meeting citizens’... Read More
May 29, 2018
"Access to information is a human right but, more importantly, it is a tool to realize other rights." -- National Deputy Karina Banfi About a year ago, I wrote about Argentina’s moment of opportunity to lay the groundwork for long... Read More
February 27, 2018
In a world that loves the transparency and instant gratification of social media, political participation, which is slow in nature and oftentimes corrupt, does not appeal to many young people. In Thailand, this is compounded by the fact that politics is tightly controlled by a patronage system... Read More
February 09, 2017
In recent years, Argentina’s economy has been challenged by high inflation and unemployment, defaulted bond payments, and almost no growth. Corruption has been a challenge, with Transparency International... Read More
January 27, 2017
La corrupción es una enfermedad que a México le cuesta mucho. De acuerdo con la revista Forbes, representa una pérdida de aproximadamente 347,000 millones de pesos al año, equivalente a un 9% del PIB nacional.[1] A esto se agrega la pérdida de hasta 5%... Read More
January 25, 2017
Si bien sabemos que la fiscalización consiste en examinar una actividad para comprobar si cumple con las normativas vigentes; la transparencia es la obligación de los gobiernos de dar cuenta a los ciudadanos de todos sus actos, especialmente del uso del dinero público y prevenir así los casos de... Read More
January 18, 2017
Desde hace varias décadas México padece la terrible enfermedad de la corrupción y en años recientes sus síntomas han empeorado. Actualmente, México es considerado el país más corrupto de la OCDE (Organización para la Cooperación y Desarrollo Económico). Dato que no resulta sorprendente tomando en... Read More
December 09, 2016
December 9, 2016 is Anti-Corruption Day. The campaign was organized by the United Nations, #UnitedAgainstCorruption, for Development, Peace and Security, to promote the importance of transparency, accountability, integrity, ethics and citizen empowerment. I ask myself, how does the International... Read More
December 09, 2016
Overwhelmingly, IRI's Vulnerability to Corruption Approach (VCA) found that citizen participation and engagement are critical to addressing corruption and advancing Decentralization and Deconcentration Reforms in Cambodia. October 2016 marked twenty-five years since the end of the conflict in... Read More