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March 20, 2018
In honor of International Women’s Day we are debuting the series with an exciting new study on stereotypes about women and perceptions of police corruption:  Barnes, Tiffany D., Emily Beaulieu, and Gregory W. Saxton. 2018. “... Read More
February 09, 2017
In recent years, Argentina’s economy has been challenged by high inflation and unemployment, defaulted bond payments, and almost no growth. Corruption has been a challenge, with Transparency International... Read More
March 18, 2016
In early December 2015, Tanzanians took to Twitter with the hashtag #WhatWouldMagufuliDo to remark about the campaign of their newly-elected president, Dr. John Magufuli, to cut wasteful spending and tackle rampant corruption in... Read More
May 12, 2015
Every April Indonesia celebrates the life and work of Raden Ayu Kartini, known across Indonesia simply as Kartini.  Born in 1879, Kartini was a Javanese aristocrat who defied strict social norms that denied women access to education.  Kartini became a light for women who wanted to get... Read More
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Hasna Wihdatun Nikmah

Program Assistant, Indonesia