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September 27, 2019
Two first-time candidates made it to the run-off in the first round of the Tunisian presidential election.... Read More
September 27, 2019
Two first-time candidates made it to the run-off in the first round of the Tunisian presidential election.... Read More
April 29, 2019
Después de las elecciones locales del 24 de marzo de 2019, Ecuador enfrenta un ambiente político fracturado. Si bien se identifican varios elementos de análisis para entender cómo estas recientes elecciones reflejan la transición de Ecuador hacia la consolidación de su democracia; dos elementos son... Read More
August 21, 2018
In a normally contentious pre-election period, when the focus of Members of Parliament (MPs) typically shifts from efforts at passing legislation to getting reelected, a group of MPs in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are proving that collaboration and progress are still possible. In February, the... Read More
February 01, 2016
Today Burma embarks on a new chapter in its transition, as a newly elected parliament convenes just months after what has been widely viewed as the most credible election in generations.  The opposition’s resounding victory has been accepted by the ruling establishment, and the swearing in of... Read More
December 03, 2015
Part of IRI's objective is to strengthen the role and inclusion of marginalized groups in Nigeria’s political parties.  Since 1999, IRI has implemented programs aimed at mainstreaming persons with disabilities (PWDs) into the structure and processes of political parties.  The active... Read More
Posted by

Alao Sunday Afolabi

Assistant Program Officer, Africa
September 22, 2015
As Burma prepares for its upcoming national elections in November, over the past three years IRI has been supporting key stakeholders to allow them to engage, interact and participate in a more effective and responsive way to the electoral process. This work has involved work all across the... Read More
Posted by

Matthew Baker

Senior Applied Learning Specialist
September 15, 2015
This week, IRI is touring two cities in Colombia with a group of mayors, municipal councilors, and a citizen participant in IRI’s programs in Jordan.  Over the next couple of days, we invite you to tour the country with us to share the experience with our delegation!  For the first part... Read More
Posted by

Carrie Schenkel Reasonover

Senior Program Manager, Europe
September 13, 2015
This week, the discussion in Nigeria has focused on the first 100 days of President Buhari’s time in office.  Analysts disagree on the role that the president has played in the National Assembly’s leadership elections, the recent presidential appointments, the government’s efforts to combat... Read More
September 09, 2015
The events that unfolded on August 31 outside of Kyiv’s parliament had little to do with the government’s plan to decentralize power in Ukraine but was instead the result of irresponsible politicians and an overly heated and charged political atmosphere.   A majority of Ukrainians support... Read More
Posted by

Michael Druckman

Resident Country Director, Ukraine