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March 26, 2021
Today, Bangladesh celebrates its 50th anniversary of independence. Pivotal in deepening Bangladesh’s freedom and moving its democracy forward, students have played a key role in the political and social movements of the country since the 1950s. But in recent years, episodes of violence have... Read More
December 21, 2020
In October, Bangladeshis took to the streets to condemn an increase in gang rape and call for equal rights for women across the country. What was unique about these demonstrations was the ... Read More
May 06, 2020
The COVID-19 crisis is disproportionately affecting marginalized communities around the world, including in Bangladesh. Minority groups such as Biharis and transgendered people live on the margins of society with restricted access to essential services, and are ill-prepared for a public health... Read More
March 17, 2020
Democracy thrives when voters are informed and engaged in a dialogue with their elected representatives. With this goal in mind, in January 2020 the International Republican Institute (IRI) partnered with the Dhaka Tribune and Channel 24 to host nationally televised debates in Bangladesh ahead of... Read More
January 14, 2016
On December 30, the Bangladesh people participated in nation-wide municipal elections, the first multi-party elections since the contentious January 2014 national parliamentary election.  In the last partisan election the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), the largest opposition party,... Read More
June 26, 2015
I have known Fayaz Taher for some time now. Since high school, in fact. In a number of conversations over the course of the past few months, I’ve become increasingly aware of his business acumen and his passion for Bangladesh, a country that is in the midst of a drawn-out bout of political... Read More
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Ruzan Sarwar

Program Officer, Asia Division
May 21, 2015
Two weeks ago, following the British parliamentary elections, the Conservative Party swept the House of Commons with a clear majority, ending the latest term of hung parliament and subsequent ruling coalition of Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.  What is perhaps most remarkable about... Read More
Posted by

Simon Jerome

Assistant Program Officer, Eurasia Division
April 27, 2015
On April 28, some voters in the District of Columbia will return to the polls to elect Council Members in Wards 4 and 8, two of the city’s eight local subdivisions.  I use the word “some” because very few residents of the District, if my informal survey is representative, even know that the... Read More
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Simon Jerome

Assistant Program Officer, Eurasia Division