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March 04, 2018
IRI’s Central America team is in El Salvador this weekend for an election assessment of the March 4, 2018 municipal and legislative elections. What is our objective, why does it matter, and what have we observed? What is our objective? Our goal is to assess the use of democratic norms in El... Read More
March 02, 2018
On Sunday, March 4, Salvadorans will go to the voting booth to elect mayors, municipal councils and deputies to the national legislative assembly. These elections are an important democratic moment for a nation confronting a number of significant challenges and opportunities –... Read More
March 02, 2018
El domingo 4 de marzo, los salvadoreños saldrán a emitir su voto para elegir alcaldes, consejos municipales y diputados a la Asamblea Legislativa. Estas elecciones representan un importante momento democrático para una nación que enfrenta un significativo número de retos y oportunidades,... Read More
December 06, 2017
Providing results on Election Day is a fairly common practice in the Americas, but not this time in Honduras. According to international and national observers, voting on November 26 took place peacefully and without major problems. But when the polls closed, things began to go sideways. Both... Read More
August 07, 2017
Across the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, IRI collaborates with diverse stakeholders to enhance citizen-centered governance. By enabling local economic development engines, promoting transparency, public accountability, participatory budgeting, and by... Read More
December 09, 2016
December 9, 2016 is Anti-Corruption Day. The campaign was organized by the United Nations, #UnitedAgainstCorruption, for Development, Peace and Security, to promote the importance of transparency, accountability, integrity, ethics and citizen empowerment. I ask myself, how does the International... Read More
September 16, 2016
Before I began working at IRI, an exchange was simply an opportunity to travel while earning academic credit. However, after implementing legislative exchanges at IRI, I now see that they are not only a valuable foreign policy tool, but more importantly serve as a unique opportunity to build... Read More
March 06, 2016
Traveling to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador I began to think about how IRI’s work has evolved over the nearly 35 years that we have been working in the Latin American and Caribbean region. That evolution occurred naturally as a response to changes in regional social and political trends that... Read More
January 29, 2016
This week, I am traveling with a consultant to El Salvador to meet with the legislators who participated in IRI’s September 2015 Institute for Representative Government’s (IRG) exchange in Washington, D.C. and California. IRG is a non-profit, organization established by former members of the U.S.... Read More
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Katrina Negrouk

Global Initiatives Coordinator
May 08, 2015
My Homeboy Industries tour guide paused mid-sentence to retrieve his vibrating cell phone.  “Sorry, I just want to make sure it’s not my social worker,” he said before resuming a description of the 18-month program that “saved [his] life.”... Read More
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Sara Danish

Program Officer, Latin America and the Caribbean Division