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November 20, 2018
Today marks the beginning of a week-long remembrance of the estimated seven million Ukrainians who perished during this particular chapter of Stalin’s terror against the people of the Soviet Union. Thanks to the diligent research and... Read More
March 05, 2015
The International Republican Institute (IRI) was essentially born with Ronald Regan’s historic 1982 address to the British Parliament. The first American president to address the House of Commons, President Reagan boldly proclaimed, “We... Read More
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Mark Green

February 25, 2015
When Czechoslovak President Vaclav Havel spoke before a joint session of the United States Congress on February 21, 1990, there was none of the opposition that we see today about a similar speech planned for next week by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. No, in 1990 there was no debate... Read More
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Jan Surotchak

Senior Director, Transatlantic Strategy