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January 02, 2019
Kerez Temirbekova fought breast cancer once already. She struggled against it all alone, and “almost won,” as she puts it. But that partial success cost a lot. In addition to the physical pain and emotional anguish of dealing with a cancer diagnosis, she was forced to sell her apartment to pay for... Read More
March 19, 2018
Last month, IRI’s Center for Insights in Survey Research (CISR) released a new Kyrgyzstan poll based on interviews conducted in the... Read More
June 15, 2016
This month we launched the Women’s Democracy Network’s (WDN) largest chapter. The induction of Zhenskaya Demokratichyskaya Set (ZDS) into WDN now adds more than 4,000 politically and socially active women leaders in Kyrgyzstan. The event commenced with inspiring... Read More
May 13, 2016
Kyrgyzstan is sometimes referred to as Central Asia’s only nominal parliamentary democracy, however a recent survey released by IRI reveals mixed perceptions about the direction that the country is heading. The results of this national public opinion survey show that a majority of people consider... Read More
April 05, 2016
If you were to look at Kyrgyzstan as the universe, and corruption as the multitude of black holes within it, this would be a fitting way to understand the corrupt practices that have defined the Kyrgyz political system, slowed social progress and prevented effective citizen service delivery for... Read More
November 12, 2015
On October 4, 2015, the people of Kyrgyzstan cast their ballots in the fifth parliamentary elections of the fledgling democracy. Though the months leading up to the election were laden with concerns on a wide range of issues – the introduction of new voter technology, the requirement for all... Read More
May 05, 2015
On April 11th, 2015, IRI Kyrgyzstan hosted the first installment of the Political Party Outreach Forum Series - an event designed to connect citizens with political party representatives, so that citizens can make more informed decisions about which party represents their core beliefs. This forum... Read More
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John DiPirro

Resident Country Director, Kyrgyz Republic
April 07, 2015
This spring marks the 10-year anniversary of the Tulip Revolution, when more than 50,000 protestors united to remove President Askar Akaev. And today marks the 5-year anniversary of the April 2010 Revolution, where a series of protests lead to the violent ouster of President Kurmanbek Bakiev and... Read More
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John DiPirro

Resident Country Director, Kyrgyz Republic
February 24, 2015
Over the past year in Osh, Kyrgyzstan’s second largest city, we have witnessed a stark improvement in local governance, which poses a question – does Osh have the potential to become an oasis of democracy in Central Asia?  During this time, considering citizen input and feedback became... Read More