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February 07, 2018
The Women’s Democracy Network (WDN) has developed a framework to identify key barriers to women’s political engagement. The “SheVotes” gender assessment toolkit can inform the design of interventions to increase women’s political participation and leadership.  In partnership with IRI’s... Read More
June 28, 2017
Georgia is the strongest democracy in the former Soviet Union, with aspirations to become a member of the European Union.  For many years, Georgia was widely considered a failed state, with an economy and political system crippled by systemic corruption and non-functioning public services.... Read More
October 08, 2016
On October 8, Georgians will go to the polls to elect their parliament members. In many countries around the world, elections can be trigger points for violence.  Citizens who feel alienated or disenfranchised, or simply cheated on, may reduce their anger to violence, including physical harm... Read More
September 09, 2016
IRI is proud to announce the release of its first interim election assessment report ahead of Georgia’s October 8th parliamentary elections. IRI’s long-term election... Read More
July 29, 2016
Election Day, especially in a country that is barely more than a decade from its democratic transition, and only four years removed from its first peaceful transfer of power, is always a crucial test of a political system’s resiliency.  In Georgia, that first peaceful transfer of power... Read More
May 06, 2016
On April 28, IRI published its most recent survey of Georgian Public Opinion (posted here).  Surveys of this sort are commonplace in Georgia these days,... Read More
April 05, 2016
If you were to look at Kyrgyzstan as the universe, and corruption as the multitude of black holes within it, this would be a fitting way to understand the corrupt practices that have defined the Kyrgyz political system, slowed social progress and prevented effective citizen service delivery for... Read More
July 24, 2015
In Georgia the CEPPS partners sometimes joke our first cooperation started with Thanksgiving festivities in 2009, but in looking back we really have more impressive collaboration.  Our first joint effort was with NDI in 2010 ahead of local elections.  At that time IRI was working to with... Read More
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Andrea Keerbs

Resident Country Director, Georgia
June 17, 2015
On June 12 Ambassador Dr. Alexandre Rondeli passed away at the age of 73.  But, anyone who knew Alex knows that the number 73 was very misleading. He had the knowledge of someone much older. And the spirit of someone much younger.  Alex Rondeli was an international relations scholar and... Read More
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Andrea Keerbs

Resident Country Director, Georgia
February 27, 2015
Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Head Quarters of the British Conservative Party in London. I was curious to visit their operations as they gear up for the upcoming elections. The British Parliamentary elections will be held this May. I started to think about the differences in... Read More
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Andrea Keerbs

Resident Country Director, Georgia