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March 09, 2021
Mayors are more than local officials – they are the connection point between governments and citizens across the globe. In this blog, originally published in IQ Latino,... Read More
March 09, 2021
Los alcaldes son mucho más que funcionarios locales y representan el punto de conexión entre los gobiernos y sus ciudadanos. En este blog, originalmente publicado en IQ Latino, el experto... Read More
March 08, 2021
On International Women’s Day, the International Republican Institute (IRI) is shining a light on the milestones Lithuania marked last year with the election of its historic women-... Read More
March 08, 2021
On International Women’s Day, the International Republican Institute (IRI) is celebrating the democratic advancements made possible by women the world over. Since 1995, the proportion of women in legislatures has more than doubled across the globe – and while we still have a long way to go, 2020... Read More
March 04, 2021
March 8 marks International Women’s Day, and in celebration, the International Republican Institute (IRI) is highlighting our work across the globe to elevate the role of women in politics and civil society. In this blog, we discuss the unique challenges women face in Panama, and how they are... Read More
March 03, 2021
After failed general elections in October 2019, Bolivia is at last reaching the end of a long-winded electoral process. Rescheduled to October 2020, Bolivia’s general elections are now behind the country, and voters will... Read More
March 02, 2021
At the International Republican Institute (IRI), we are proud of the democratic advancements made through our programs, partnerships and networks around the world. None of these accomplishments would be possible, however, without our remarkable staff on the ground, many of whom are women. To... Read More
March 01, 2021
Last month, Transparency International released its 26th annual Corruption Perceptions Index – the leading indicator of public sector corruption across the globe. Building on the report’s findings, International Republican Institute (IRI) expert... Read More
February 25, 2021
This week marks the seventh year since former President Victor Yanukovych’s government collapsed under the weight of the 2013-2014 Revolution of Dignity. Before Yanukovych's dismissal, Ukraine was a corrupt, pro-Russian and highly centralized state with hallmarks of political repression and... Read More
February 24, 2021
On February 28, Salvadorans will take to the polls to choose the officials responsible for making key decisions about the future of El Salvador's democracy, such as overseeing the election of the country's Supreme Court magistrates. Recognizing the importance of building a... Read More