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July 24, 2020
Iraq’s new prime minister Mustafa Al Kadhimi – who came to office on a tide of popular, youth-led protests – has raised hopes of a more democratic future for the beleaguered country. With al Kadhimi making some positive movements toward genuine change, Iraq could finally be on the right track.... Read More
July 22, 2020
Oswaldo Payá fue padre, activista político y uno de los primeros miembros de la oposición en Cuba. Fundador del Movimiento Cristiano de Liberación y principal organizador del Proyecto Valera, Payá dedicó su carrera a oponerse al régimende Cuba y a... Read More
July 21, 2020
Oswaldo Payá was a father, political activist and one of the first outspoken opposition members in Cuba. Founder of the Christian Liberation Movement and primary organizer of the Valera Project, Payá devoted his career to opposing Cuba’s one-party... Read More
July 20, 2020
On July 18th, the International Republican Institute (IRI) joined the world in celebrating Nelson Mandela International Day, proclaimed by the United Nations in 2009 as a day to honor the South African leader’s remarkable legacy. In this blog, we reflect upon the challenges facing the Southern... Read More
July 16, 2020
As Afghanistan grapples with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Taliban has sought to both exert control through violent attacks and leverage the pandemic to their advantage as part of a cynical “hearts and minds” campaign. The Afghan government’s inadequate response to COVID-19 has given... Read More
July 14, 2020
Colombian democracy has made remarkable strides in recent years – overcoming a legacy of tackling endemic corruption, domestic terrorism and poor governance. Yet numerous challenges remain, including building a democracy that is inclusive and truly representative. Despite electing a female vice... Read More
July 10, 2020
Despite lacking the resources of wealthier, more powerful neighbors, Tunisia has managed to contain the spread of COVID-19 and start the process of re-opening its economy – even welcoming tourists back at the end of June. Transparency, public awareness, and a nascent culture of civic engagement... Read More
July 09, 2020
With nearly 80 percent voter turnout, Turkey’s citizens are clearly committed to participating in the electoral process. However, these same citizens often have little, if any, access to their government— a reality that’s emblematic of a much wider problem in Turkey. Without the proper... Read More
July 08, 2020
In May, Burundi held its first competitive presidential election since the country’s 1993 civil war,  prompting hopes for a more democratic future. The ruling National Council for the Defense of Democracy – Forces for the Defense of... Read More
July 02, 2020
Just over a year ago, Hong Kongers took to the streets to hold Beijing to its commitments under the "one country, two systems" principle, uniting around five core demands for political freedom and accountability. After months of violent repression of these popular peaceful protests, this week the... Read More