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Recent Posts

November 14, 2019
The International Republican Institute (IRI) is honored to join evaluation experts convening in Minneapolis for the American Evaluation Association’s annual conference, Paths to the Future of Evaluation. IRI staff will be sharing lessons learned in program evaluation and hearing about best... Read More
November 08, 2019
November 11 is Veterans Day, a time to honor those who have served in uniform and who continue to strengthen and enrich our country with their expertise and talents as civilians. In this blog post, the  International Republican Institute (IRI)’s Mark Koenig reflects on his military service... Read More
November 06, 2019
November marks 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, but authoritarianism is still with us and growing stronger. Today, from Hong Kong to Venezuela, ordinary people are pushing back against authoritarian regimes. This anniversary is the perfect time for democracy advocates, such as the... Read More
November 05, 2019
Kosovo is one of the world’s youngest democracies and has made great progress since becoming an independent state in 2008. However, corruption and unemployment — especially youth unemployment — remain challenges. That’s why Xhemile Misinaj, a youth changemaker, entered municipal politics. This is... Read More
October 30, 2019
Diana Endeladze was a young girl when the dramatic events of the 2003 Rose Revolution transformed Georgia. Today, as a nonprofit leader, she is helping to connect Georgian youth with education and cultural exchange opportunities abroad. This is the first in a series of profiling members of the... Read More
October 17, 2019
Nonpartisan research is a valuable resource for legislators in democracies. But in many young democracies, like Timor-Leste, parliamentary research organizations are nascent and face significant obstacles in being accepted as nonpartisan. The International Republican Institute (IRI) and the U.S.... Read More
October 16, 2019
The Chinese technology giant Huawei is blacklisted in the United States due to national security concerns. However, the company is one of the most powerful information and telecommunications technology players in Africa. As Huawei’s influence in Africa continues to grow, so do concerns about... Read More
October 11, 2019
October presidential elections in Bolivia, Argentina and Uruguay could upend not just domestic but regional politics.   This month, Bolivia, Argentina and Uruguay will hold presidential elections. On October 20, Bolivia’s longtime socialist president... Read More
October 10, 2019
Two outsiders emerged as front runners in the first round of Tunisia’s presidential race on September 15th in a rebuke of the political establishment. These candidates, a little-known professor and a populist media magnate, capitalized on exasperation with elite-driven politics and deteriorating... Read More
October 04, 2019
With Russia’s ongoing use of hybrid warfare to undermine its neighbors, what steps can states take to counter disinformation and protect democracy? The International Republican Institute’s (IRI) >versus< media monitoring tool supports these states in the battle against Russian propaganda.... Read More