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February 11, 2014
The Women’s Democracy Network (WDN) is an initiative of IRI to increase women’s political participation and leadership. The mission is wonderful, yet how they carry it out is what I find amazing.  WDN accomplishes their goals by linking women with their peers who share similar struggles,... Read More
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Morgan Martinez

Deputy Director, External Affairs
February 10, 2014
Since the fall of the Ben Ali regime, IRI has assisted Tunisia’s nascent political parties and civic organizations as they build their organizations and develop platforms that address the issues citizens care most about. As this work, critical to the success of Tunisia’s democracy, has been carried... Read More
February 10, 2014
Over the past several months you may have heard about various protest sites at intersections in Thailand’s capital of Bangkok.  There is probably an intersection in Bangkok you haven’t heard of yet. At the intersection of Songprapha and Dechatungka roads sits the... Read More
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Robert Cushing

Country Director, Bhutan
February 07, 2014
While governments are increasingly making transcripts from speeches, trials and hearings publically available, it can still be difficult for citizens and civil society to access the information they want when those documents aren’t searchable.  mySociety... Read More
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Samantha Powell

Program Assistant, Democratic Governance
February 05, 2014
 It is such a thrill and honor to be reunited with my dear, dear friend, Soda and his wife who are here visiting from Cambodia. I first met Soda in Cambodia back in, I want to say 2002'ish, when I went to do some work for IRI’s office there. Soda was so incredibly kind and welcoming to me.... Read More
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Shawn Beighle

Chief Information Officer
February 05, 2014
In November 2012, I wrote about Mo Ibrahim’s decision to withhold the African Leadership Award and how his decision honored African citizens committed to strengthening on the continent.  This commitment is more important then ever.... Read More
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Mark Green

February 04, 2014
Welcome to Democracy Speaks, a blog written by the staff of the International Republican Institute (IRI).  For 30 years IRI has supported men and women around the world who are working to create more open societies and more representative governments.  Through this blog you will learn... Read More
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Lisa Gates

Director of Communications
January 26, 2014
“We have listened to the streets” were the words uttered by Senate President Leon Kengo wa Dondo on Friday January 23.  In a historic move, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Senate removed a controversial clause from a pending electoral law.  Article 8, as it is known, stipulated... Read More
January 20, 2014
Mi nombre es Luis Ricardo Peña Rivas, soy Ingeniero en Economía Agrícola, Licenciado en Administración de Empresas con una especialización de Maestría en Formulación y Evaluación de Proyectos Agropecuarios. Actualmente soy miembro del personal de la Corporación de Municipalidades de la República de... Read More
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Luis Peña

Asesor Gremial para 41 Municipios de la Región Occidental de El Salvador
January 07, 2014
In September and October 2014, members of the Syrian Youth Congress (SYC) defied great odds to conduct a public awareness campaign in three provinces in the country’s north. These youth leaders ignored the Assad regime’s barrel bombs, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) suicide attacks and a... Read More
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Sam Minifie

Program Assistant, Syria