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May 13, 2016
Kyrgyzstan is sometimes referred to as Central Asia’s only nominal parliamentary democracy, however a recent survey released by IRI reveals mixed perceptions about the direction that the country is heading. The results of this national public opinion survey show that a majority of people consider... Read More
May 12, 2016
There is no better way to evaluate the performance of a democracy than by asking the people themselves what they think.  Regardless of any qualitative or quantitative metric – whether GDP per capita, legislature productiveness or prevalence of social protections – what matters most is how... Read More
October 19, 2015
On October 3, Germans celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of their country’s unification.  Although it seems like a foregone conclusion today, many doubted not just the physical unification of the country, but the cultural unity as well.  Ukraine faces similar challenges. ... Read More
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Motria Chaban

Program Officer, Eurasia Division
September 09, 2015
The events that unfolded on August 31 outside of Kyiv’s parliament had little to do with the government’s plan to decentralize power in Ukraine but was instead the result of irresponsible politicians and an overly heated and charged political atmosphere.   A majority of Ukrainians support... Read More
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Michael Druckman

Resident Country Director, Ukraine
August 24, 2015
The above title is the name of Ukraine’s national anthem and a fitting reminder of the danger the country finds itself in today, August 24, Independence Day.   The anthem’s title sounds pessimistic to non-Ukrainians, but the lyrics are actually positive: Our enemies will vanish like dew in... Read More
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Tom Garrett

Vice President for Programs