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September 19, 2017
In my last blog, A Deep Bench, I wrote of 36 incredible youth democracy activists from 13 different countries in Asia who met in Bangkok for a weekend of leadership development. At the event, I had the privilege to meet Gunawan, a civil... Read More
December 05, 2016
In the United States, partisan politics has hit one of its highest points of polarization in decades. Elected officials in Washington, D.C. remain sorted into their respective camps increasingly in the workplace as well as social situations. While “the aisle” sometimes appears to be more of a... Read More
September 22, 2016
Since Indonesia adopted a gender-quota law for elections in 2003, and strengthened it five years later, the number of women elected to the 560-seat House of Representatives, or DPR, had increased, from 11% in 2004 to more than 18% in 2009.  Unfortunately, instead of taking advantage of the... Read More
March 14, 2016
Increasing women’s meaningful participation, voice, and influence in the political system and surrounding institutions is critical to achieving a truly representative democracy.  According to the World Economic Forum’s 2013 Global Gender Gap Index the average national-level legislature is... Read More
March 07, 2016
More than 20 years ago, in September 1995, world leaders, activists, and NGO’s gathered in Beijing for the Fourth World Conference on Women. The outcome of that conference, The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, set the stage for most of the work around the world on advancing women’s... Read More
August 10, 2015
As the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) becomes an increasingly integrated community, the region’s youth from Jakarta to Manila and Yangon to Bangkok are connecting at unprecedented rates and taking a larger role in addressing their communities’ most challenging issues.  Over... Read More
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Theodore Wilhite

Assistant Program Officer, Asia Division
May 12, 2015
Every April Indonesia celebrates the life and work of Raden Ayu Kartini, known across Indonesia simply as Kartini.  Born in 1879, Kartini was a Javanese aristocrat who defied strict social norms that denied women access to education.  Kartini became a light for women who wanted to get... Read More
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Hasna Wihdatun Nikmah

Program Assistant, Indonesia