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December 22, 2016
Since the 2010-2011 revolution, Tunisia’s government has struggled through multiple changes in leadership as it finds it footing and embarks on a new phase of history.  Over the course of the ongoing transition faith in the government has waned as public expectations, especially among youth,... Read More
November 27, 2016
Ain Draham is small town located high in the Kroumirie mountains only a few kilometers from the Algerian border. The historic summer resort area is a retreat for tourists seeking the healing effects of the hot springs. The town itself is anything but healing for local residents. Poverty,... Read More
November 07, 2016
Hope.  A powerful word that it is often overused.  Politicians say it, faith may evoke it but we optimists absolutely cling to it. But many youth here in Tunisia don’t have it. That is why we are working with youth and the Government of Tunisia to bring some back. I worry and feel that... Read More
October 07, 2016
Young people in the Middle East are partnering with IRI and making a positive difference in their communities.  Using a variety of outreach methods, youth in Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia are finding ways to ensure that their opinions and ideas are part of the solutions to the many challenges... Read More
October 05, 2016
Last month, I had the opportunity to travel to Tunisia to meet with nine graduates from IRI’s Regional Civil Society Academy and talk to them about their experience. The Civil Society Academy, held in Morocco and in Tunisia, is a three-week program for civil society activists from throughout the... Read More
August 11, 2016
In looking at IRI’s recent Tunisia poll, one figure stands out to me: 70 percent of Tunisians do not think their politicians pay attention to the needs and ideas of young people. This number is disconcerting for many reasons. For one thing, it is clear that Tunisian youth are worth listening to... Read More
July 05, 2016
As Country Director for IRI in Tunisia, I am taking classes to improve my French language skills.  I pester my tutor and staff to help me learn French terms for our work.  Although I can order anything off a menu and ask for directions in French, I want to learn the language of... Read More
June 13, 2016
On January 14, Tunisia celebrated the fifth anniversary of its 2011 revolution, an event that sparked a regional wave of civil protests in the Arab world known internationally as the “Arab Spring." Tunisia was fortunate to not endure the bloodbath that many revolutions around the region produced,... Read More
June 10, 2016
Two interesting developments occurred in Tunisia last month that inspire confidence in its young but promising democracy.  First, the elected leader of Ennahda, the main Islamist political party and member of the governing coalition, announced at the party’s 10th congress in May that it would... Read More
March 16, 2016
Imagine a young king standing on a barren hill in enemy territory. His army, cold and disheveled stretch out before him. Most of these men were his friends when he was a young prince. He would drink and share bawdy jokes with them. Young Harry, standing at the fulcrum of time as he sets to roll... Read More