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August 08, 2017
While the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) may elicit a mix of feelings depending on whom you speak to, its 50th Anniversary is notable no matter your opinion of the organization. Founded 50 years ago today, the founding five nations - Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and... Read More
August 08, 2017
Malka Valentina Padilla Acosta no teme a los retos.      Entre risas, esta chica panameña de tan solo 20 años confiesa ser arriesgada y creativa. Por más de un año, Malka ha participado en el programa Tengo... Read More
August 08, 2017
Before dawn at Westlands Primary School this morning, voters queued patiently for the start of voting. While most voting streams at this polling center began voting on time at 6 am, a few were delayed as poll workers finalized their paperwork and preparations for the day. The security presence was... Read More
August 07, 2017
The usual bustling capital city of Nairobi is eerily quiet tonight as Kenyans brace for what is expected to be a very competitive round of general elections tomorrow. Many residents have already left Nairobi for their rural homes upcountry to cast their vote and wait out the election results.... Read More
August 07, 2017
Across the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, IRI collaborates with diverse stakeholders to enhance citizen-centered governance. By enabling local economic development engines, promoting transparency, public accountability, participatory budgeting, and by... Read More
August 02, 2017
On August 8th, Kenyans will vote in the most competitive election in the country’s history. There are more than 14,000 candidates vying for just 1,882 elective positions. For the presidency, incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta will compete against former Prime Minister Raila Odinga in a rematch of... Read More
August 01, 2017
Involucrar, empoderar y conectar a los jóvenes para que participen en los procesos políticos es una de las grandes misiones del IRI.  En Colombia, se vio la importancia de involucrar a los jóvenes en el proceso de la implementación del Acuerdo de Paz, por lo cuál desarrollo el proyecto “... Read More
July 31, 2017
In countries across the globe, women are often disproportionately excluded from the political process. In an effort to combat this political trend, this year with support from the Middle East Partnership Initiative, IRI launched a program to increase women’s political participation in Libya. Our... Read More
July 28, 2017
In his historic speech in front of the British Parliament on June 8th, 1982, President Reagan set America on a course of assisting people around the world who want freedom and democracy. This year we are celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Westminster Speech with thirty-five pictures that show... Read More
July 25, 2017
I visited Timor-Leste twice during the late years of Indonesian occupation, in both 1995 and 1998, witnessing the omnipresent oppression back then, ultimately making Timor-Leste a part of my life. In 1999, I observed the referendum, still recalling the helplessness of September 6, 1999, being... Read More