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November 16, 2017
It’s difficult to illustrate voter and civic education in words. The idea of explaining how the electoral process works and why it is critical likely evokes images of a sixth-grade civics lesson, not a participatory, community-based campaign to engage citizens in the decision-making process. In... Read More
November 14, 2017
Last week, IRI joined more than 4,000 evaluators, academics, international development practitioners and evaluation users from around the world at the 31st annual American Evaluation Association conference in Washington. The theme of this year’s conference was “From Learning to Action,” which... Read More
November 13, 2017
Prior to joining the International Republican Institute, Dina was a journalist in her home country of Egypt where she covered the Egyptian revolution. Now, she works for IRI in Morocco. "I am IRI" highlights the members of our team who aid in achieving our vision of a world where all people are... Read More
November 13, 2017
Georgia gained independence from the Soviet Union 25 years ago, but it has only been recently that those elections have been deemed mostly free and fair. Under Georgian law, men and women have equal rights as voters and candidates, but women’s representation in politics remains incredibly low.... Read More
November 08, 2017
On November 13, Somalilanders will head to the polls for their third ever presidential vote. Somaliland – a self-declared independent country that is not internationally recognized –  still to a certain extent depends on international support to conduct its elections, but also relies on strong... Read More
November 06, 2017
In April 2017, a young activist was arrested for organizing a demonstration promoting the needs of youth and government reform in Mauritania. Oumou Kane, founder, and president of the Multicultural Association for a Better Future (AMAM) was released three days later due to an unexpected, yet... Read More
October 31, 2017
WDN and IRI held a multi-party training for young women in Ohrid, Macedonia. The training focused on leadership skills and local governance to prepare the young women to become more involved in local elections. Aurore Bergé, a newly elected Member of the French Assembly and spokesperson for “La... Read More
October 30, 2017
Youth have historically been marginalized in the Central African Republic (CAR), a country that experienced multiple episodes of violent conflict since its independence in 1960. Armed groups that exploited the absence of state institutions to exacerbate ethnic and religious differences during the... Read More
October 25, 2017
It is election eve in Kenya, and there is a tense calm as rain blankets several parts of the country. They say in Africa that rain is a blessing, and given the unprecedented political developments since Kenya's August 8 general elections, a blessing may be just the right medicine for a country so... Read More
October 24, 2017
There was a time in the Americas when the majority of countries were ruled by dictators of one sort or another. In the last 30 years, free, competitive elections have led to regular, transparent choices in leadership in all but a small handful of countries.  However, Newtonian physics tells us... Read More