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April 21, 2017
Violence is one of the most troubling problems in Mexican society. At the beginning of 2017, the murder rate jumped significantly in 25 of Mexico’s 32 states, or in about 80 percent of the country. Despite preventive polices and mechanisms introduced at a federal level since 2012, security and... Read More
April 17, 2017
Sentell tells the story of his personal connection with IRI's mission and how his prior work overseas brought him to work with IRI. "I am IRI" highlights the members of our team who aid in achieving our vision of a world where all people are free to determine their own destiny.  ... Read More
April 12, 2017
In our fourth episode of “Global,” we’re speaking with Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former President of Timor-Leste JoséRamos-Horta; author of East Timor: The Price of Liberty Damien Kingsbury; and IRI Senior Advisor for... Read More
April 11, 2017
Women are under-represented in the political and decision-making arenas in Kyrgyzstan. Dozens were either removed or pressured to step down from party lists post-factum. With an ever-present need for increased political activism and well-informed women leadership at all levels of decision-making,... Read More
April 05, 2017
The Gambian people are preparing to go to the polls for the first time since the end of Jammeh’s dictatorial rule. A lot is expected from this election, as Gambians will be voting today for their first truly democratically elected National Assembly: 239 candidates are vying for the votes of 886,578... Read More
April 05, 2017
“Terrorism is not fought with terrorism… It is fought with a pen, school, and a book… Terrorism is fought with culture” IRI’s Civil Society Community of Practice is conducting a series of interviews with current and former civil society partners to highlight their work. This is the first blog post... Read More
April 04, 2017
Eighty-five years ago, Ukraine suffered at the hands of Stalin’s Soviet Union and to this day continues to fight for recognition of Holodomor, a genocide that killed more than 10 million people. The Atlantic Council held an event titled “Connecting Ukraine’s Past to Present: From Holodomor to the... Read More
April 02, 2017
Acid attack. Forced marriage. Paralysis. Rape. Imprisonment. “On the day of my attack, I died. But on that day, I was reborn from the ashes.” ~ Natalia Ponce de Lion, Colombia On March 29, 2017, I had the great privilege to attend the U.S. Secretary of State’s... Read More
March 30, 2017
“She Speaks. She Votes. She Leads. We Are All Heard.” celebrates women’s leadership through stories told by inspiring women. Ivana Tufegdzik from Macedonia shares her story about the first time she voted.   Read More
March 30, 2017
Monumental moments in a nation’s history are rare but when they do occur, they are difficult to miss. As tens of thousands of Guatemalans peacefully demonstrated their desire for change and action during the 2015 national elections, their government and perspective candidates did not miss this... Read More