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October 20, 2016
In recent years, there’s been a growing awareness about the role of data in international development. For the most part, the international development community looks at data as a way to inform our work, to capture the impact that we’re having in improving people’s lives, and to figure out how we... Read More
October 19, 2016
Last week, IRI brought together 15 amazing young people from across Morocco for the country’s first Youth Leadership Academy (YLA), which provided training to young people so that they can more effectively tell their stories and spread positive social messages using modern media techniques. They... Read More
October 12, 2016
Durante los últimos meses a nivel local hemos visto como los medios digitales han jugado un papel importante no solo en la opinión sino también en el comportamiento de las personas, cuando esta información llega y produce cambios en el terreno político o social en primera instancia, vamos... Read More
October 11, 2016
La Mesa Directiva del Congreso de la República, por medio de la resolución 177 de 2014 creó el Centro de Investigaciones y Altos Estudios Legislativos– CAEL, como un centro de pensamiento con el objetivo de fomentar la investigación y la formación en el ámbito legislativo a través de la generación... Read More
October 10, 2016
Today, October 11, 2016, the world commemorates the fifth International Day of the Girl Child. This year’s theme focuses on adolescent girls and the Sustainable Development Goals, with a specific focus on... Read More
October 08, 2016
On October 8, Georgians will go to the polls to elect their parliament members. In many countries around the world, elections can be trigger points for violence.  Citizens who feel alienated or disenfranchised, or simply cheated on, may reduce their anger to violence, including physical harm... Read More
October 07, 2016
Young people in the Middle East are partnering with IRI and making a positive difference in their communities.  Using a variety of outreach methods, youth in Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia are finding ways to ensure that their opinions and ideas are part of the solutions to the many challenges... Read More
October 06, 2016
In any democracy political parties serve a crucial function to organize political participation, structure policy and provide competition in elections. While political party development varies depending on political dynamics, this work is critical to the health of any democracy. And yet, even some... Read More
October 05, 2016
El pasado domingo 2 de Octubre, ante la sorpresa de todos, y por un margen de apenas cincuenta y tres mil votos (0.43%), el NO gano el plebiscito convocado por el Presidente Santos cinco semanas antes que pregunto: “Apoya Usted el Acuerdo Final para la Terminación del Conflicto y la Construcción de... Read More
October 05, 2016
Last month, I had the opportunity to travel to Tunisia to meet with nine graduates from IRI’s Regional Civil Society Academy and talk to them about their experience. The Civil Society Academy, held in Morocco and in Tunisia, is a three-week program for civil society activists from throughout the... Read More